External Transmission Oil Cooler______

The Scorpio needs an additional, external transmission oil cooler. I leave the factory unit connected.

Looking for alternatives, there's little space in front of the condensor fan. Just so happens the Ford Aerostar van unit fits nicely under the front bumper and clears the front fan. I considered a screen for looks, but it might also be useful for blocking gravel damage. You can see mine already had gravel stuck in the fins.

The cooler is about 18" wide by 4" high and 2" deep. On the Aerostar, it's mounted right behind the front bumper. My local salvage yards always seems to have a supply of dead vans, so it should be easy to come up with a good cooler.

Mounting: Tabs on the cooler can be secured to the bumper header. You'll need to bend them and cut off some extra. On my second car, I bent the fins a bit to clear the ambient air temp sensor wires on the passenger side.

Below, the bottom of the cooler just ahead of the a/c condenser, and just behind the lip of the lower bumper cover.