Substitute Scorpio Motor Mounts_________________________

"Correct" Scorpio mounts are no longer available from FoMoCo, and are fairly expensive in the aftermarket ($125-$200 *each*, depending on who you call).

The late 80s- early 90s Thunderbird mount bears more than a passing resemblance, and can be made to work with some modifications.

The Advance Auto part numbers are 602661 for the pure rubber mount (~$30) and 612661 for the cushioned mount (like original (~$40)).

Here are the two mounts in comparison. The new mount is about 1/4" shorter than the original and will need washers under it to match the stock height. It also needs a hole drilled (deeper) and tapped to accept the center mounting stud.

I cut the stud off the original to reuse.

The motor bracket needs about a half inch shaved off the top to match the length of the stud on the new mount. It also needs to be drilled out a little for the stud and the locator pin.

Here's the new arrangement.

Works like a charm. My motor guru saw no problems with the bracket trim job, Or buy new studs for the mounts.