Cutting Tibbe Keys or Ordering (Chubb or Tibbe)_____
Tibbe: late 88-89 - Chubb: 87-early 88

Getting Someone Else to Cut Your Keys

Ford (Rotunda, actually, at 313-865-5000) will give you key codes for the VIN of your vehicle. As of February 2012, they will no longer cut new keys for retail customers. With your key code, it is alleged that various Ford, Jaguar, or Transit dealers have cut new keys.

Dedge's claims they can cut Scorpio keys, both Tibbe (on the left) and Chubb (on the right) versions.

Cutting Your Own

It's fussy work, you might ruin a blank or two, but you can cut your own keys.

You need:

• a jig to hold the blank,

a way to read the angles of the cuts,

• a band saw or some such,
• a blank, and
• some patience.

Blanks are common on eBay, and there are some locksmiths online who sell them.

The Tibbe key for the Scorpio uses only 6 cuts (as opposed to 8 for the Jaguar), and four 'depths' (as opposed to 3 for the Jaguar). One depth on either is 0 (no cut), and each is a progressively wider angle. 1 looks like about 10°, a 2 cut looks like about 20°, and a 3 cut looks like 30°. Each cut is made four times around the key.

Checks the pictures closely or your own key. Here are some more pictures to help gauge the cuts.

Picture above shows the 3 cut highlighted.

Picture above shows the 2 cut highlighted.

Picture above shows the 0 and 1 cuts. The picture below shows the 0 (no) cut slightly more highlighted.

The door lock cylinders carry the key code. *AS BEST I RECALL* (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), the code on the cylinder is the cuts needed on the key, starting at the handle end of the key.