Differences between the 88 and 89 models ___________________________


87 - early 88: adjustable knee bolster, manual front seat recline
88 - no knee bolster, electric front seat recline
Wipers Redesigned to clear rear hood
Hood 88 - hood prop rod
89 - hydraulic struts for support
EATC Originals had no off button: supposed to be swapped out in an early recall
Keys Chubb key set
Tibbe key set
A/C cooling fan 88 - Two speed condenser fan; Bosch fan
89 - One speed fan; Canadian built fan, quieter
A/C compressor mount 88 - casting number starts with 86
89 - casting number starts with 89
Check engine light 89 only
A/C lines 88 - all rubber
89 - big evaporator line has a 90° metal bend; small line is all metal
Headlight switch 89 - outside parking light setting not on 88 switch
Rear floor heat 88 - adjustable flow
Rear seats Different brackets for the rear seat backs
Cylinder heads early style (said to be more prone to cracking) - oval rocker shaft pedestals
late style - D-shaped rocker pedestals (reportedly not stock on Scorpio 2.9 engines)