Alternative Heater Core_______________________

Yes, there are some alternatives to the Scorpio (and XR) heater core. One is the Saab 9000 core, but it has plastic ends, and it looks like the hose nipples are a little too short.

The Toyota Corolla core also fits, and is all metal. I used the NAPA piece, part number 660-3411, which retails for about $78 (Feb. 07). It's a little shorter, a little fatter, but almost the right width.

It also obviously needs work on the fittings. Here's my fix. I cut pieces from the new core. They're stout and take some time to solder. Wire-wheel clean the cut ends to make the solder stick. Use plenty of flux.

As it's plumbed, the area circled in red ran into the carpet underlayment. A little trimming, and it fit fine. That was the only clearance problem I had.

To fill the empty space, I cut a piece off the old core and blocked the fins with black silicone. That's all on the left of the picture below.

The opening has to be widened about an eighth inch to clear the Toyota core.

Here's the bench vacuum test.

The car now has plenty of heat!