Alternative Fan Clutches__________________________

Until recently, there was no aftermarket replacement fan clutch. Hayden has now added a number to their lineup, but it's still more expensive than alternatives. And one of the alternatives is quite a bit easier to remove.

Here is the original:

The two alternatives are the Bronco II/Ranger 2.9 and the mid-80s Ford F150 6 cylinder truck.

The F150 clutch is approximately the same height, if you're worried about putting the fan too close to the radiator. The Bronco II/Ranger clutch is a bit taller, which you can see in the pictures, but makes for much easier replacement.

The only gotcha is bolt placement. As you can see from the pictures, the replacement clutches have a smaller bolt circle. I used cut washers to keep the bolts from being pulled sideways.

Here is the Bronco II/Ranger clutch. The nut has been ground down to the starting point of the threads, to clear the radiator on installation. No threads were ground off.

And here is the F150 clutch:

This is the Bronco II/Ranger clutch on the car. Notice the extra space available to remove it. Even with the extension, it clears the radiator on removal with no problems.