Blower Motor Replacement_____________________

The Scorpio blower motor is an open unit, and the bearings can be oiled. But the end plates are crimped to the case, which makes it difficult to pull it apart and use real grease (vs some kind of oil).

When it goes bad, there are two ways to get at it (inside the evaporator case). One involves removing the hoses to the evaporator, but it saves the case. Hood removal helps some, but I don't do it.

The other method, shown here, is cutting the case, but this method doesn't require evacuating and refilling the a/c system.

This shot shows the false firewall unbolted from the body and pivoted up from the evaporator case.

(below) Looking at the case.

This shows the cuts to be made in the case. The plastic is rather flimsy. After cutting, there are several clips holding the top and bottom halves together that need to be removed.

This shows the lower part of the case with the front half of the cover removed. Notice the two vertical support pieces are cut at the back half.

This shows the case with those plastic supports.

I resealed the cuts with a urethane bead weatherstip, because it's incredibly sticky but not permanent. Silicone sealer, tape, and most other caulks won't stick to the case.