Headlight shell retainers_____________________________________

The plastic headlight shell retainers are unobtanium now, and there's only one atermarket source of which I'm aware. Rapido sells them for $6 each currently (May 08), either from the web site or eBay.

Here's a home-brew alternative. The OEM piece is shown on the right. It's usually too brittle to extract, though there was apparently a stouter factory piece before they were discontinued. I used nylon bushings, drilled out from one end to the diameter of the adjuster screw. Drill a hole sideways for a retaining pin. The cotter pin locks the bushing and the adjuster screw into the headlamp. Bushings are about an inch and a half long. That's not critical, though diameters are.

The whole assembly is fragile, though, as you can see in the picture of the end of the headlamp mounting stub.