Hood Lift Supports for the 88_________________________________

The upper mount pivot point is about 18-1/4" from the back corner of the hood. The lower mount is about 3" in front of the hood bumper on the inside edge of the fender (or about 13" from the upper tip of the front fender). The lower pivot, obviously, needs to be shimmed 1" to clear the fender. I used a long adjuster nut from the hdw store, bolted from inside the wheel well. The lower mount also needs large fender washers on both sides of the sheet metal.

My struts are 15" long compressed, 21" long fully extended, from center to center of the sockets, so you may have to adjust for that. The number on these struts is RB8795230. The number on the white car struts is 88GB 16C826 AA.

I made brackets to fit the hood.